A wooden carousel and Pierre Marcolini “Lovely Hearts” collection of chocolates
for guests of all ages

Throughout the month of April, Hotel Amigo, a Rocco Forte hotel in Brussels presents its Exquisite Easter Celebration. Guests of all ages can partake in the special Easter activities that will range from a wooden carousel located in the lobby in collaboration with Little Guest Hotels Collection, to the Pierre Marcolini Lovely Hearts Chocolate Easter egg hunt and Il Pranzo di Pasqua at Ristorante BoCConi on Easter day.
Handmade at La Rochelle by a master-fairer called Frederic Lucas, the lobby will host a lovely wooden carousel made in the greatest respect of tradition. The carousel promises to give children a joyful ride.

In keeping with the spirit of the season, Pierre Marcolini will transform Ristorante BoCConi with fun creations under the sign of his favorite praline: “The Heart”, with the Lovely Hearts collection. Among them will be a hidden mischievous rabbit and mini egg-hearts filled with melting ganache and crunchy pralines, handcrafted by the artisans of the workshop. The sweet rabbit will turn into giant chocolate pieces and placed in the rooms of younger guests when booking the “Easter Lovely Hearts” package available throughout the month of April.
On Easter day, Il Pranzo di Pasqua, more commonly known as Easter Brunch, will bring families and friends together for an exceptional lunch at BoCConi. It will be marked by a great tasting of Pierre Marcolini's "Lovely Hearts" preceded by a delicious Easter egg hunt. The famous "Colomba Pasquale", a very old Italian gastronomic-tradition during Easter, will also be served and will turn more than one head on Easter Sunday. Homemade by the chefs of the restaurant, the Colomba Pasquale is a brioche with almonds and candied fruit, glazed with sugar chips. As its name suggests, it has the shape of a dove, symbolizing peace but also the spring that’s about to hatch.
To take advantage of Hotel Amigo’s and BoCConi’s festivities, the "Easter Lovely Hearts" offer starts from 356 euros per night in a  Classic King room and includes breakfast for two people and a pretty, little rabbit-heart signed Pierre Marcolini in room.

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