Isolation is vitally important to protect ourselves and those around us. Staying healthy and creating a routine will help (ourselves and others) in more ways than one. Here, the dedicated wellness team at The Spa at Brown’s share a few self care tips and ideas to practice at home.
• This is a good time to improve or change your routine to one that you may not have had enough time for before, due to family and work commitments. This is a good time to create a self care routine that covers skincare, fitness, emotional care and hobbies.
• During this time, to boost your immune system, take vitamin D on a regular basis, especially if you are not able to go out and enjoy the natural sunlight as much as you would like.
• Healthy body, mind and skin starts with a healthy gut. Now that we are staying at home and have more time, we can hone our skills to create some healthy dishes and drinks. An idea for a refreshing juice (best enjoyed in the morning on an empty stomach) would be a mix of celery, cucumber, lemon and mint. Rich in vitamins and minerals, this drink also supports digestive health.
• Self-care starts from you and now you finally have enough time to enjoy a long relaxing bath with aromatherapy oils. If you are not sure which oil to try, the Made for Life Softening Oil is a good one to start with. Its geranium, sweet orange and lavender will relax your mind and help you feel at ease. Alternatively for silky smooth skin and a bath enriched with a variety of minerals try Irene Forte Skincare Trapani Sea Salt Body Scrub, made from sea salt that is rich in minerals and olive oil to nourish the skin.
• Whilst soaking in a bath treat your skin by exfoliating with an Apricot Face Peel. Apricot granules will gently remove dead skin cells smoothing skin surface and grape lemon and apple enzymes will brighten and resurface making your skin look and feel radiant and refined. After cleansing and removing make up, apply a small amount of scrub to your face. Massage it on your skin in circular movements concentrating on the areas that might be drier and/ or more congested and do not forget neck and décolleté. Wash off all the apricot granules with water and tone before applying a mask, followed in the next point.
• To complete this face treatment, one of the Irene Forte Skincare face masks will boost and plump the skin. The Pistachio Face Mask is extremely hydrating and age defying - fantastic if you are after lustrous skin. Apply the mask avoiding the eye area, after the exfoliation leave it on for 5-10 minutes and then rinse it off. Follow by a toner, such as Helichrysum Hyaluronic Toner by Irene Forte.

To complete this treatment, use a good night cream, such as Hibiscus Night Cream by Irene Forte. This routine of exfoliation and mask, toning and moisturising of the skin should be done twice per week for people who have dry skin and once weekly for those who have oily, normal or combination skin.
• When you look good and feel healthy, you are naturally more optimistic and happy, which in turn helps you get through any situation you find yourself in (now and in the future).