Verdura Resort, Sicily will introduce a unique and restorative wellness programme this summer created by Dr Mosaraf Ali, internationally renowned doctor and pioneer in integrated healthcare. The 10-day programme has been created with the aim of combatting the physical and psychological issues developed during the COVID-19 lockdown. Dr Ali’s 10-day programme will be available from: 16-26 July, 1-11 August and 1-10 September 2020.

Following consultations with Dr Ali, a bespoke programme for each guest will be designed with treatments using Marma massage which is rated as one of the best physical therapies in the world. Both therapeutic and energising, the massage helps nerve, joint and back problems, as well as improving blood flow to the brain through a neck connection massage.

With significant experience in treating Post Viral Syndrome, he addresses issues such as chronic fatigue, low energy levels, weight gain, skin and hormonal issues. Therapeutic yoga and meditation designed to calm the body and still the mind will also play an important part of each guest’s experience. Dr Ali can also treat children.

Given the importance of diet, a lot of care has been taken regarding the taste and benefits of the food chosen to accompany the programme. Menus are filled with Verdura’s home-grown produce and centred around the Mediterranean diet. Guests will enjoy Dr Ali’s special Mewa porridge breakfast, bitter blood alkalising teas and therapeutic supplements, such as a Gut Cleansing Gel.

The 10 day-programme includes:

 Consultations with Dr Ali
 Full Board Personalised Nourishing Menus, including Dr Ali’s Mewa porridge breakfast, therapeutic teas and supplements
 Daily 30-Minute Marma Massage
 5 Face or Body Treatments*
 Daily 60-Minute Group Yoga
 Evening Meditation Classes with Dr Ali

Additional treatments and therapies will be priced separately. Programme includes complimentary access to all daily fitness classes at Verdura Resort.

The Spa at Verdura offers a range of wellness programmes covering mindfulness, de-stressing, revitalisation and rejuvenation, including the Healthy Lifestyle Programme, Fit Programme, Relax Programme and the Express Programme. Each varies in length and intensity depending on guests’ requirements.

The 10-day Marma Recovery Programme is priced at € 3,650 per person. Available on the dates: 16-26 July, 1-11 August and 1-10 September 2020. A double room at Verdura starts from € 560 per night.

Notes to Editor

About Dr Mosaraf Ali
Following his MD, Mosarah Ali worked in Hong Kong for three years before moving to London in 1991 where he opened Europe’s largest centre for Integrated Medicine with 22 doctors and therapists. Dr Ali’s research in Stroke Rehab in two leading Hospitals in the UK proceeded eight bestselling books on healthcare and regular columns in magazines of his field. His techniques have been taught to NHS doctors who now implement these methods in medical colleges.

Dr Ali’s experience in the wellness industry includes programmes at top spas in Italy, Oman and India. Following 25 years working in the Himalayas, he also developed a High Altitude Healthcare programme.

Dr Ali’s unique techniques are used in London and in New Delhi where he has a Children’s Wellness Centre, which is successfully treating Autism and Cerebral Palsy. He treats chronic ailments such as arthritis, backaches, neurological illnesses, digestive problems and skin problems. His clients include royalty, heads of state, celebrities, athletes and many well-known figures.