An exclusive exhibition in Frankfurt Villa Kennedy, a Rocco Forte hotel, has launched a highly topical art exhibit by well-known German photographic artist Kiki Kausch. A first exhibit of its kind in Frankfurt, Merkel, Power and Models will be displayed from 31 January to 31 July 2020.   Kiki Kausch’s photographs tell multidimensional stories, starting with aesthetics and ending in socially or politically relevant discussions.   “Chancellery, executive suite, runway! Who has the power? What happens when it’s lost - what goes on behind the scenes?” are all questions the artist Kausch poses in her newest exhibition. She also plays with illusions and prejudices. Aisha, the beautiful and exotic Arab woman in one of the photos, is an A380 pilot in a hijab. “Her touching up her lipstick during a flight is still a provocation for many. This is not something we’re used to seeing, a beautiful young Arab woman in the cockpit, not a model in a simulator! She’s an example to a whole new generation of educated Arab women,” says the artist. The stories behind Kiki Kausch’s pictures are real. With emotion and zeitgeist, she always combines a strong message with the compositions of her images.  “When I gained permission to photograph Angela Merkel at the Chancellery in the autumn of 2015, at the beginning of the refugee crisis, in addition to the extremely important societal aspects my feminine eye also played a role. I complimented the Chancellor, because behind the powerful politician I also saw a very admirable and extremely strong woman,” said Kausch. In addition to the portraits of Chancellor Merkel and A380 pilot Aisha, visitors can view portraits of well-known model Anna Mila and a large-format work entitled “Last Day in the Office.” It shows former BILD CEO Kai Diekmann in an empty office on his last day as publisher at Axel Springer. This is Kiki Kausch’s third big exhibition at Villa Kennedy. Admission is free.  Ever since opening as a Rocco Forte Hotel 14 years ago, Villa Kennedy has dedicated itself to art, culture and architecture. It has hosted several exclusive exhibits and showings, as well as housing a large permanent collection of artworks.